Pevrin al Pepe Rosa

Pevrin al Pepe Rosa

A soft and creamy texture, covered in pink peppercorns, tangy, milky with strong floral, spicy flavors.

By mixing cow's, sheep's and goat's milk La Bottera, a generations-old family dairy, still produces excellent Italian cheeses which follow the Piedmont region's cheese-making tradition and recipes. Pevrin is a wonderful example of a new, innovative cheese made in a classical style.

From the dairy started by their grandparents, brother and sister Anna and Mario Sarale blend cow, goat, and sheep milk into both traditional Piemontese classics as well as some beautiful originals.

Aged in tuff cellars, the cheese keeps alive the dairy's century-old traditions. Making full use of the bounty of the surroundings, these cheeses reflect the rich culinary history of Piemonte.

The Pevrin, named for the pink peppercorns that coat the small domes, puts a modern twist on the classics produced by La Bottera. The floral, slightly spicy peppercorns provide a robust flavor balanced by the creamy, tangy cheeses.

Serve with crusty bread or roasted or grilled vegetables.

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