Pepperberry Native (whole & air dried)

Pepperberry Native (whole & air dried)

Both the berries and leaves are used from this Australian Native shrub.

Pepperberries are dark-blue to black in colour and have an intensely strong pepper bite that is accompanied by a mineral-like aftertaste that lingers and builds in heat over a period of about 5 minutes after consumption. 

Use with care, about one tenth the amount one would use of conventional pepper. 

The pepperleaf is far milder and gives a pleasant, Australian outback taste to food when used as a substitute for normal pepper. 

Sprinkle onto chicken and fish with ground Lemon Myrtle leaf and a little salt.

Other Common Names: Australian Native Pepperberry, Mountain Pepperberry, Mountain Pepperleaf. 

Botanical Name: (Tasmannia lanceolata) 

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Botanical Name(Tasmannia lanceolata)