Paski Sir

Paski Sir

Paski Sir is a hard, distinctively flavored sheep milk cheese from the Croatian island of Pag.  Generally regarded as the most famous of Croatian artisan cheeses it pairs beautifully with Williamson Allure MERITAGE, soft Bordeaux blend.

Paski Sir looks like an aged Parmesan with a thick, honey-colored rind and flecks of protein crystals, but the smell and taste are nuttier and brighter, with hints of melon, spruce, and citrus.

Background:  The long, low lying rocky terrain of the Adriatic island of Pag with its eastern skyline dominated by the Velebit mountain range creates its own unique micro climate.  Above the Velebit, hot and cold air amasses producing the infamous Bura, a powerful, cool, dry wind that whips up the surface of the sea and dries the water droplets carrying with it dry residue of sea salt which is scattered all over the Island of Pag, tuning the pastures into beautiful white salty fields.

In these conditions the most resilient of wild herbs flourish on the Island. Wormwood, Rockrose, Mint, Immortelle, Lavender and Dalmatian Sage, The Gourmet of Sage, are all found struggling for growth between the rocks. During the spring months of April and May, Pag sage blooms, transforming the landscape as it is adorned with a deep purple flora.

Pag sheep,Paska Ovca have evolved in these harsh winter conditions for centuries. Small in stature and with thick winter coats to protect them against the winter Bura, Pag sheep have become experts in foraging the rocky hills eating the hardy vegetation and rich, aromatic herbs and grasses, producing unique qualities and tastes in their milk which permeate the taste of Paski Sir Cheese.

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order

Recipe:  Roasted Asparagus with Paski Sir