Produced in northern Holland, Parrano was created in the early 1970's. Inspiration for the cheese came after a trip to Italy by one of the cheese Masters at Uniekaas.  Returning to the Netherlands, he blended his traditional Dutch Gouda recipe with the style of northern Italian cheeses he'd tasted while away.

Named after a small Umbrian village, the recipe for Parrano remains relatively unchanged since its inception forty years ago. Milk for production is sourced from the Dutch Friesan-Holstein cows in the area of "Het Groene Hart" in northern Holland.  After production, wheels are aged naturally for five months before release.

The texture of Parrano is firm and smooth, dotted with small crystals that give it a slightly crunchy mouthfeel. The interior paste is butterscotch in color with occasional eyes or holes.  Flavors are rich and taste of caramel, cream and almonds.

Parrano tastes like a combination of gouda and parmesan cheese, mellow, buttery and nutty. It retains the smooth texture of gouda, but has the nuttiness of parmesan. It melts well and isn't stringy in dishes.

Parrano is an interesting cheese and makes a nice addition to a cheese board.  It goes well with crackers, olives and grapes as well as sliced prosciutto and the marinated vegetables typical to an Italian antipasto.

Parrano also grates and melts nicely so it is an excellent addition to many cooked dishes, such as Panini sandwiches with a chicken and basil sausage.  For a change, substitute it in any recipe that calls for parmesan cheese.  

Pairs with Williamson Enchant TRINITY Rhone style red wine.

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order