Nababbo - Nobile di Capra

Nababbo - Nobile di Capra

Nababbo is a washed rind goat’s milk cheese, made in the style of Taleggio but with the earthiness of goat’s milk.

The milk for Nababbo is produced in Lombardy, Italy, by a single, selected farm, and then “seasoned” in special aging rooms open to the mountain air in the Valtaleggio by the Arrigoni family, deservedly famous for their seasoning technique.

It is even made in the same region as Taleggio! The milk is produced by a neighboring farm which CasArrigoni takes to create this wonderful cheese. The cheese is formed, washed and aged under the expert eyes of the Arrigoni family.

When brought to room temperature, this cheese is extremely soft. It doesn't ooze or spread all over the table - it instead holds its shape but once you take a bite, it virtually disintegrates on your tongue.

The taste is meaty, yeasty, salty and not very goaty or stinky at all. If you've never tried a washed rind cheese or a goat cheese before, this may be a good one to start with. The flavors are very pleasing and the texture is nice and smooth.

There are many wonderful pairings of our wines for this cheese. Typically our Joy Sauvignon Blanc or Fling Tempranillo can be used with goat cheeses, but for this cheese, we went with our Amourette Chardonnay.