Nero Imperiale

Nero Imperiale

Nero Imperiale Cheese is an exquisite, complex Italian cow's milk cheese matured in natural caves for 6 months with a distinctive and compelling flavor that is earthy, mushroom flavored & slightly tangy with an intense fragrance.

The paste is dense and smooth & soft-ripens from the outside-in.

Very recently the Arrigoni Family experimented & added Balsamic Vinegar directly to the rind & actually injecting some into the cheese, adding a slightly sour/sweet flavor & more moisture that complements the cheese creating new cheese that has a truly unique flavor profile. This is a novelty that every cheese lover should discover.


Nero Imperiale (Black Imperial) Roccolo Balsamico is absolutely new on the Italian cheese scene. It rightfully joins the “Imperial Line” which represents the selection of cheeses created by casArrigoni and which have as their prerogative the sophisticated search for intense flavors and aromas.

The peculiarity of this cheese is to be sought both in its production and in the meticulous and prolonged ripening in underground cellars on planks of pine, and in the maturing which features an excellence example of Italy’s gastronomic production, the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Nero Imperiale is a cylindrical shaped cheese of reduced dimensions. It has a rough rind of the colour typical of balsamic vinegar, very similar to that of licorice. The paste is chalky and white in the center whilst more compact and straw yellow near the edge, due to the prolonged centripetal ripening.

The flavor exalts two very bold and, in certain aspects, similar tastes, the sweet and sour one of the vinegar, full of aromas and nuances, and the sweet, milky flavor but with a hint of acidity typical of this cheese. This union of excellence is extremely balanced and surprising to the palate.

Nero imperiale is an extremely eclectic cheese: it can be served with salads, be nibbled with aperitifs or used in cooking, when it becomes creamy, with pasta dishes or risottos and red meat. Perfectly paired with our Relish Roussanne.

TextureSoft-Centered With Rind