Montasio is a creamy, unpasteurised mountain cheese made from cow's milk produced in northeastern Italy in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto provinces.

Texture & Flavor

This DOP (PDO) cheese is aged about 4-6 months and has inedible rind. It has a pleasant aroma a pale yellow color with a mild, smooth and mellow flavor. Montasio is enjoyed by all ages because it is so easy to digest and, therefore, is especially suitable for children and elderly people.

It's always delicious whatever its age. Montasio is great when it's still fresh, as well as after maturing for only two months. It's scrumptious when it has matured from five to ten months, and it's everyone's favorite when it has achieved full maturity after ten or more months.

Wine Pairings


Montasio, derives its name from the Montasio mountain range in the Friuli region north of Venice in Italy.

It was originally a monastery cheese made in the 13th century by Benedictine Monks but today it is produced only in a specific region of Italy following age-old traditional methods. The wonderful characteristics of this product that date back to those industrious monks have been preserved for all to enjoy.

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