Laura Chenel - Orange Blossom Honey

Laura Chenel - Orange Blossom Honey

Fresh goat cheese with an exciting twist, and fresh flavors to bring out the best in the cheese.

This is a fresh goat’s milk cheese, with no rind, that is extremely versatile and ideally used as an ingredient in dishes, for cooking or simply spread on toast or crackers.

Texture & Flavor

The texture is both dense and light with a bone white paste. Flavors are clean, fresh and cream-like with an underlying citrusy tang of a fresh Orange Blossom and Honey flavor.

Wine Pairings


Laura Chenel's Chèvre has been in operation since the late 1970’s. and in 2006 she sold the company to French family cheese producers, Laiteries H. Triballat, who continue the tradition of cheesemaking with both fresh and aged cheese.

Milk for production comes from family goat dairies located in California and Nevada. High quality milk is crucial to excellent cheese production and the company has very close relationships with their producers to ensure excellent animal health, nutrition and general well being.

Availability, Ordering and Shipping

Sourced from creameries all over the world many of our cheeses are from small family-owned, alpine farms and only produced in limited quantities or at one-time each year. We take most of their production which goes straight out to our club members.

Our cheeses are sold in an 8 ounce cut. When ordering more please use “quantity” in multiples of 8 ounces i.e., for one pound order a quantity of 2.

Because our cheese club members take precedence we may have limited inventory of some cheese products.

If you order a cheese that is unavailable our customer service team will contact you with delivery details or a substitute cheese product.

Your cheese selections are individually wrapped in sustainable, recyclable, low environmental impact food wrapping which will extend the life of the cheese in your refrigerator.

The cheese is then carefully packed in an insulated container with “cool” ice packs and sealed in its shipping box to be sent via overnight air arriving fresh and cool at your home or office.

We search the world for fresh, natural cheeses made from milk produced by family-owned, free grazing animals and crafted by artisan, quality-focused cheese makers. Each year we choose only the best cheeses to pair for our wine and cheese club members to enjoy.
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