Lakhs & Crores (Coated Fennel Seed) 95g

Lakhs & Crores (Coated Fennel Seed) 95g

These multi-coloured, sugar coated Fennel Seeds look like giant hundreds and thousands, so Herbie decided to call them after the Indian words for ‘one hundred thousand’ and ‘ten million’ which are ‘lakhs’ and ‘crores’ respectively. 

Usage Suggestions

Eaten after meals, the Fennel Seeds aid digestion, cleanse the palate and freshen the breath. Considering the rich amounts of spice, cream, and fried deliciousness you may have consumed over dinner, a tiny handful of these seeds are a pleasant necessity.

Sweet and full of flavor these candied fennel seeds are a delicious way to add flavor and texture to salads, desserts, oatmeal, or to cap off a flavorful meal. Lakhs & Crores are also excellent used as a decoration for cakes, pies and pastries.


Fennel Seeds, Sugar, Turmeric.

No artificial colors added so you will definitely appreciate the quality difference of our Lakhs & Crores (Coated Fennel Seed) when artificial colors are not used.

Other Common Names

Sugar Coated Fennel Seeds.

Product of India blended and packed in Australia.

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Botanical NameFoeniculum vulgare dulce