Kokos Coconut Gouda

A Dutch cheese, Kokos is a double cream Gouda that goes against the traditional recipe. The name is appropriate as what sets it apart is the coconut milk that is mixed in with the cow’s milk before aging. The result is a soft, fruity cheese with a coconut flavor and mouthfeel that’s existentially smooth.

Kokos Coconut Cheese really tastes like Coconut. The texture is smooth and sliceable. Coconut is known for it’s nutritional content and many health benefits. The combination of healthy coconut with cheese as a good source of calcium makes this a healthy and tasty snack! Also vegetarians can enjoy this healthy cheese since it’s made with vegetable rennet!

Made with fresh, pasteurized cow’s milk and a healthy dash of coconut cream, added for extra flavor and creaminess. It’s a delightfully unique cheese with a nutty taste and a touch of refreshing sweetness.