Kokam is the dried, soft, outer skin of an acidic tasting fruit that is harvested from a tropical evergreen tree. 

Kokam adds acidity to curries in much the same manner as Tamarind. 

Add 3 to 4 pieces of Kokam to a curry during cooking. 

The pleasant fruity flavour and agreeable acidic bite are particularly characteristic of South Indian dishes.

Other Common Names: Black Kokam, Cocum, Kokum. 

Botanical Name: (Garcinia Indica choisy)

Health Benefits: In traditional Aruyvedic medicine, Kokam is thought to serve many medicinal purposes, such as to ease digestive issues, soothe stomach ulcers and prevent constipation. Considered an anti-bacterial with anti-inflammatory properties, Kokam is also to used to treat sores, prevent infections, and reduce inflammation.

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Botanical Name(Garcinia Indica choisy)