Just add Spice

Just add Spice

Beautifully photographed and packed with practical information, Just Add Spice is your guide to creating sophisticated, restaurant-style flavors with a minimum of fuss, expense and time.  

Lyndey Milan, food and wine personality, and Ian 'Herbie' Hemphill, the king of spice, join forces to show you how to give ordinary dishes a flavor renovation with the simple addition of spice.  

Using nothing more exotic than the contents of the average spice rack, you will learn how to pep up pumpkin soup with curry paste and ginger; reinvent scrambled eggs with chili and chorizo; and turn up the heat with a robust vindaloo curry.

Learn how to match spices with ingredients, and unlock the secrets of successful spice mixes, such as garam masala, dukkah and Chinese five-spice.

Discover the properties of different spices: the sweetness of cinnamon, the pungency of star anise, and the fieriness of chilli. And see how different cooking methods, from a slow simmer to a quick pan-fry, draw out these wonderful tastes and aromas.  

People are often unsure about using spices, imagining that 'spice' means 'hot'. Lyndey and Herbie explain that this is not the case, showing us how herbs and spices can bring the simplest of recipes to life, such as spicy pumpkin soup or slow cooked chicken with juniper, adding freshness and depth of flavor. 

While we most often associate spices with savory food, Lyndey and Herbie show how easily this can be applied to sweet dishes too, from ginger and star anise crème brulee to lemongrass poached pears.

To review or purchase the 21 spices used in the recipes throughout the book simply click here.

Just Add Spice is groundbreaking in the way that spice combinations are grouped to help readers easily understand the dynamic nature of combining spice flavors  These can then be applied to a variety of dishes, rather than just the specific recipes listed in the book.

Includes comprehensive spice notes that will give the reader confidence to start their own spice collection, the book also includes interesting and concise wine and beer matching notes that counteract the misconception that spiced food is difficult to match.

Lyndey Milan is an well-known food and wine personality, having worked as the food director for magazines such as The Australian Women's Weekly and BBC Australian Good Food. Lyndey appears regularly on television and radio and is also the author of several books on food and wine.

With over 40 years in the business, Ian Hemphill ('Herbie') is one of Australia's foremost culinary spice and herb experts. He is well regarded in the industry and has written a number of books, including Spice Notes and Recipes, Spice Travels, Spicery and Herbaceous. His shop "Herbie's Spices" is a Sydney institution.