Il Canet

Il Canet

Il Canet is a subtle washed-rind cheese that melts on your tongue and tastes like fresh, salted cream drizzled with meyer lemon.

Texture & Flavor

A red-orange rectangular shaped cheese with a soft and edible rind Il Canet has a creamy and intense flavor.

The tangerine color is partially from the salt-water washing, but also because orange-hued annatto powder is added to the brine. From the achiote plant, annatto is the same natural coloring that's used to make some Wisconsin farmhouse orange cheddars.

In Il Canet's case, the annatto makes the rind look like a cheeto even though it hasn't been washed as much as the really funky ones. Because fewer B. linens are busy working its rind, the flavor is gentle.

The result is a wheel that melts on your tongue and tastes like fresh, salted cream drizzled with meyer lemon with a touch of funk.

Wine Pairings


Il Canet is made from both goat and cow's milk cheese in Piedmont Italy.

this cheese take its characteristic color tones and taste by the washing of the rind during the aging process with annatto, a natural vegetable coloring used since long to color and protect cheese surface


A perfect starter for soon-to-be stinky cheese lovers. If you want it funkier, keep it longer and its cute on a cheese plate.

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