Holey Cow

United States

Holey Cow is hand-crafted artisan cheese made from whole cow milk. This semi-soft cheese is filled with small round openings characteristic of a Swiss cheese but with a smooth, creamy texture and a crisp, buttery finish.

Holey Cow is semi-soft baby Swiss-style cheese made from pasteurized whole cows’ milk. Aged for two months, it has a smooth, pliable texture and an ample amount of recognizable holes. A butter-colored wedge of Holey Cow has a mouthwatering scent, an aroma that merges sour cream, salted butter and custard. The texture is firm and easy to shave.

Whole Holey Cow wheels weigh10 pounds and have a natural rind. Made with pasteurized milk from Central Valley farms Holey Cow is ready for release in two months, although more aging doesn't hurt, but demand has been so strong that we can't hold on to it, a reflection of the tasty and well-priced nature of this cheese.

Holey Cow makes a pleasant snacking cheese.

Holey Cow is a hand-crafted artisan cheese made using local California milk from cows not treated with hormones. n true California spirit, the cheese is primarily handmade in small batches using locally-sourced milk free from artificial growth hormones, and aged on pine racks.

To qualify as an Artisan Cheese each cheese must be of exceptional quality, produced primarily by hand in small batches of 1,000 pounds or less and with a total annual production of less than 50,000 pounds.

When made like this in small batches with an uncompromising attention to detail the cheeses consistently deliver an unparalleled tasting experience.

Milk Cow
Texture Semi-Soft
Country United States
Fat 34%

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