Grazin Girl

Grazin Girl

Grazin’ Girl is a Gorgonzola style cheese with a natural, basket weaved exterior.

Texture & Flavor

This cheese has a rustic, basket weave exterior while the interior is a buttery color with tasty notes of sweet cream along with blue streaks and patches throughout.

With an aroma something like Saltine crackers, buttered toast and warmed nuts it is amazing in salads, sauces, and it is exquisite drizzled with a little honey.

Wine Pairings


Made with raw, farmstead, Jersey cow's milk from a closed herd with 100 years (5 generations) of dairying history in Sonoma County. The rich milk is transformed into a dense and creamy blue with a bit of spice to the finish.

After the curds are set, the wheels are hand-salted, then pierced by hand.

The needling inserts air into the paste, allowing the blue veins to advance throughout.

Made with raw Jersey cow milk, the paste is buttery and creamy, and balanced beautifully by piquant bluing.

Availability, Ordering and Shipping

Sourced from creameries all over the world many of our cheeses are from small family-owned, alpine farms and only produced in limited quantities or at one-time each year. We take most of their production which goes straight out to our club members.

Our cheeses are sold in an 8 ounce cut. When ordering more please use “quantity” in multiples of 8 ounces i.e., for one pound order a quantity of 2.

Because our cheese club members take precedence we may have limited inventory of some cheese products.

If you order a cheese that is unavailable our customer service team will contact you with delivery details or a substitute cheese product.

Your cheese selections are individually wrapped in sustainable, recyclable, low environmental impact food wrapping which will extend the life of the cheese in your refrigerator.

The cheese is then carefully packed in an insulated container with “cool” ice packs and sealed in its shipping box to be sent via overnight air arriving fresh and cool at your home or office.

We search the world for fresh, natural cheeses made from milk produced by family-owned, free grazing animals and crafted by artisan, quality-focused cheese makers. Each year we choose only the best cheeses to pair for our wine and cheese club members to enjoy.
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