Ginger Preserved & Sugar Dusted

Zingiber officinale


Ginger root is the rhizome of a tropical plant that is related to galangal and turmeric. 

Herbie's Spices Australian ginger powder is produced from rhizomes that have been harvested when young. Ginger gathered at this stage is less fibrous and has a sweeter taste than ginger which has been left in the ground long enough to become hot and coarse. 

Freeze-dried ginger powder retains the tang of freshly grated ginger and is ideal for using in uncooked dipping sauces and quickly prepared stir-fry dishes as a substitute for fresh ginger. 


Ginger slices are used in clear soups and marinades when the flavor is to be infused and the pieces removed before serving.

Health Benefits

Aside from being an excellent anti-inflammatory root, ginger helps to stimulate digestive juices and is an invaluable food for soothing the stomach, reducing bloat, cramping and nausea.

Due to it’s fiery potency, it also serves well as a natural way to clear up congestion, clear out impurities, and provide warmth to a cold body.

Botanical Name Zingiber officinale
Common Names Candied ginger
Flavor Sweet and a little spicy
Contains Ginger root that has been preserved and sugar dusted
Application Use as a topping or mix into dishes that would work well with sweetness and spice