Frolic Viognier 2020

Famous as the white grape of the northern Rhône, Viognier with its heady aroma of spring blossoming jasmine and honeysuckle and the rich flavors of apricot and peach make it a popular and food-friendly choice, best tasted as a young wine. This wine will pair well with spicy foods such as Thai, Indian or Vietnamese curried dishes.

A particularly fragrant and full-bodied single-varietal white wine, the aromatic Frolic Viognier fills the glass with seductive primary aromas that envelop the taster in a characteristic heady, honeysuckle-apricot-orange cloud, together with a real density of apricot and peach-like flavors in the mouth and then, of course, a perfectly dry finish.

Powerfully exotic, Frolic is a rich, dry white wine made for drinking young. The subtle floral notes make it a perfect match with sushi and sashimi as well as . Frolic also pairs well with spicy foods such as Thai, Vietnamese, Indian or Mexican cuisine.

Because it has a tendency to develop high sugar but low acid Viognier can produce wines with neutral flavor and high alcohol. With correct terroir and vinification we have addressed these potential problems but the rarity of quality Viognier and the associated extra growing and production costs makes it relatively expensive to produce.
With its potential for tropical fruit flavors and creamy mouthfeel we ferment and age our Frolic Viognier in French Oak barrels. This makes it a little more full-bodied highlighting its distinctive fruit character.
Only 425 cases produced.
Color White
Vintage 2020
Harvest Date 24th Sep 2020
Style White Rhone
Appellation Mendocino
Varietal Viognier
Date Bottled 26th Jul 2021
Drinkable 2022 - 2024
Alcohol 14.00%
Bottle Size 750ml