Frolic Viognier 2014

Viognier (pronounced VEE-ohn-yay) produces wines with intense aromatics of peaches, apricots, and violets, as well as viscosity and lushness on the palate.

The most-planted white Rhone varietal in the United States, Viognier is somewhat difficult to grow, disliking damp conditions or humid climates and liking a lot of sun but not too much heat. It is imperative for it to be harvested at the perfect point of maturity to show its unique, honeysuckle-apricot-orange aroma and creamy flavor characteristics.

Pale gold in color with a rich, fresh honeysuckle and orange blossom nose. In the mouth, very pleasant clean, light, lively flavors of peach and apricot, medium rich body with a nice finish of well balanced acidity. The color combined with powerful floral and fruit aromas of Viognier suggest a sweet wine but it is predominantly dry with low acidity. Pairs well with spicy foods such as Thai or Vietnamese cuisine. The subtle floral notes make it a perfect match with sushi and sashimi.
Because it has a tendency to develop high sugar but low acid Viognier can produce wines with neutral flavor and high alcohol. With correct terroir and vinification we have addressed these potential problems but the rarity of quality Viognier and the associated extra growing and production costs makes it relatively expensive to produce.
We ferment Viognier in stainless steel and transfer to wood immediately after fermentation. With its potential for tropical fruit flavors and creamy mouthfeel we designate a little wood aging in French Oak barrels for our Frolic Viognier. This makes it a little more full-bodied with a more distinctive, intense fruit character.
Color White
Vintage 2014
Harvest Date 15th Sep 2014
Vintage 26°
Style White Rhone
Appellation Mendocino
Varietal Viognier
Date Bottled 18th Aug 2015
Alcohol 14.90%
Bottle Size 750ml
PH Level 3.41