French Butter with Fleur de Sel

Although you can get an astonishing amount of excellent food in the US, the one thing that we cannot find an equal to is French butter.

This Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée butter is sought after by top chefs and gourmets. The AOC label is the French guarantee of quality.

Since 1905 this butter has been made in the traditional style from the cream of pasteurized milk from farms in the Poitou-Charentes in the heart of the county of Deux-Sèvres, using natural cultures and slow churning. This region is famous for the high quality of its butter known for firm consistency, pale color, and rich flavor with hints of hazelnuts.

Fleur de Sel de l'île de Ré, incorporated in this butter, is the highest quality natural sea salt from the Atlantic coast of France.

Why does French butter taste better?

It starts with what the cows eat. This sunshine-yellow butter is made from superior quality cultured cream, which gives it a nutty, mellow tang reacting differently when baked.

Being soft (as butter) it's difficult to ship so it has to come to you via overnight / next day delivery, packaged in our thermal packs with ice packs enclosed. These are the same packs we use for our cheese shipments so we know they work. For this reason our minimum quantity order is the four pack, that is four ½ pound blocks of the butter.

One thing is for sure, when you put this butter on warm crusty bread, it will outshine the remainder of the meal.

NOTE: Price is for a pack of four x 250 g packs which is 2.2 pounds (average $1.25 /oz) whereas US butter is usually sold in 1/2 pound packages. (average $0.60 /oz)