FIZZ - Sparkling White Wine

FIZZ - Sparkling White Wine

Use Fizz to celebrate any special occasion, to welcome guests or to cleanse the pallet before dinner. Fizz is great anytime, like when you're thirsty or when you're not.  

Champagne-style Sparkling White Wine made from a cuvée of Chardonnay, including our Amourette Chardonnay exuding elegance and finesse and Pinot Noir grapes providing depth and structure.

Pinot Noir ensures the underlying structure and style while Chardonnay ensures the elegance and sophistication essential to this perfectly balanced brute wine. Delicious!

Tasting Notes

A wonderful wine with a perfect balance, not overly fruity or too dry, Fizz is a delicious example of a Californian Grower Champagne even though we must only call it a Sparkling Wine.   To taste correctly Fizz should be stored at a constant 50°F and kept away from light. Serve at the table, chilled but not icy, at 40°F so it may be tasted at 50°F allowing the aromas to develop and show.

Production Notes

This champagne style wine is less aggressively fizzy than old style sparkling wines and is drier using riper fruit so the sweet and sour effect in which too much sugar is added to compensate for too tart a wine is not present in Fizz.

Winemaker Notes

Bright and lively in the sparkling Champagne-style made from a cuvée of 60% Chardonnay exuding elegance and finesse and 40% Pinot Noir grapes providing depth and structure.

We chose to start with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, picked at full ripeness and made into a fine quality still wine in French Oak. Then with this full-flavored Cuvée we commenced the next three years of the Méthode Champenoise process, described here.
Sparkling Wines & Méthode Champenoise . . .

Cooperage Notes

French oak for 12 months - 33% new, 33% one use, balance neutral.

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StyleSparkling Wine
AppellationSonoma County
VarietalBurgundy Blend
PairingBrillat Savarin Cheese
Drinkable2011 - 2025