Echo Mountain

United States

Echo Mountain is a seasonal cheese made by cheesemaker Cary Bryant using a blend of raw cow and goat milk.  It is dense, creamy and complex with bold earthy flavors making it rich and lively on the pallet.  Made from a blend of raw cow and goat milk, and aged approximately eight months, Echo Mountain has earthy, spicy and tangy flavors overlaid with assertive notes of blue mold. The flavor of goat milk is apparent but not overwhelming. 

The texture of the cheese is firm, dense and crumbly, with occasional holes. The paste is slightly golden to creamy-white in color, well marbled with even blue veins and pockets.

Every piece melts away on your tongue, and explodes with the flavor of fresh butter, crème fraiche, and a hint of black pepper and smoke. The mixture of the sweet cow’s milk and tangy goat’s milk are perfectly balanced, giving a remarkable complexity.  

The creamy texture is absolutely fantastic when paired with Williamson Inspire Cabernet Sauvignon.  Add a touch or pear and honey to match the “mouthfeel” or texture of this wine which is silky smooth.  The honeyed sweetness with just a hint of citrus and pear gives a vibrant acidity that dances across the tongue. 

The balance between the cheese and wine is perfect.  The sweetness of the honey and acidity of the Inspire brings out the sweetness from the cheese with the tangy and metallic notes from the goat’s milk hanging out in the background.  This represents everything you want in a pairing, one component elevating the other.  

Milk for production of Echo Mountain comes from Delmar at Rogueview Dairy. Delmar has 70 acres with 1/4 mile frontage on the river, a beautiful piece of property in a valley that used to be loaded with small dairies of 15-20 cows. Delmar started with 90 cows and has grown to 200, where he has held for the past 15 years. The milkers go out on pasture daily, when weather permits, (from March-October), but are not exclusively grass-fed, as they also get hay and grain.

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Milk Combination
Texture Firm
Country United States