Dutch Girl Aged Goat Cheese


A lovely Dutch style Gouda made using goat's milk.

This cheese veers into the realm of trying to describe a really good dark chocolate. You end up starry eyed and howling in the night - frustrated at the indescribable magic of the whole thing but under its spell enough to be a wordless poet.

Dutch Girl is a popular Gouda style goat cheese aged for 7 months to create a rich creamy butterscotch-like flavor. It is sweet and satisfying without the salty or tarte flavors associated with goat cheese.

Can’t do cow’s milk? Aged goat gouda is a perfect alternative. Kid-friendly, travel-ready, and ultimately delicious, this is a must-have table cheese.

Pair with crisp green grapes and Granny Smith apples for a healthy and yummy midday snack. Shave over flatbread pizza with caramelized onions, fennel and pancetta as an appetizer for your next cocktail party.

Dutch Girl goat cheese. It makes a delightful addition to a cheese plate or as part of an appetizer.

Shave over a salad of bitter greens, melt into a ham panini with fig jam, or serve as a table cheese on your next poker night.

Cheese is a living, breathing thing, so it's best not to suffocate it in plastic. Wrap your Gouda in parchment paper, then loosely wrap that in plastic. Set in the warmest area of the fridge, like in a vegetable drawer near the bottom. Gouda should last 2 to 3 weeks.

Made with vegetarian rennet,

Milk Goat
Texture Semi-Firm
Country Netherlands