Drunken Goat

Drunken Goat

A traditional Spanish goat cheese, Drunken Goat is soaked in Mourvèdre red wine for two to three days, giving the outside of the cheese a thin purple rind before beginning the aging process, which is typically 3 to 5 months.

The finished cheese is delicate for goats milk, with a nice acidic tang and a rich, creamy finish that is complimented by the subtle fruit flavor of the red wine.

Flavor Profile

Mild, sweet, and fruity, it has a smooth, creamy, semi-firm texture. An excellent choice for those who love the hearty and lusty flavor of goat cheese with Williamson Clarissa Vin Rouge.

Drunken Goat is a soft cheese, white, with large eyes and abundant aroma of fresh goats milk. Creamy on the palate with a delicate flavor of red wine.

The cheese inherit the wine's fruity flavor characteristics which together with the creaminess and softness of the cheese produces a delightfully unique flavor.

The purple rind typically remains fairly soft and pliable (like the texture of the cheese) and is edible.

Wine Pairings

Usage Suggestions

Beautiful on a cheese plate, a definite crowd pleaser.

Great for melting on toasted sandwiches.

Cut into tiny squares to add wonderful flavor bites to salads.


Maybe it was another one of those farmhouse accidents: a little too much vino, a wheel of cheese rolls off the table into barrel, two days later somebody finds themselves decanting the first wheel of Cabra al Vino!

Known as Queso de Cabra al Vino, literally meaning "goat cheese with wine" this semi-firm pasteurized goat from Spain's Mediterranean coast is cured for 48-72 hours in red wine.

The free-ranging goats feed on the wild herbs and grasses growing in the arid Mediterranean Toledo region, giving the milk a distinct flavor particularly well suited to cheese making.

We assure you no goats were harmed in the making of this cheese!

Storage & Serving

The temperature and the humidity of the environment are determining factors in the conservation of the cheese.

Cheese fermentation is accelerated at high temperatures and slows down when the temperature is low.

As for the humidity, if it is excessive, a rusting of the crust occurs, on the contrary, if the humidity is low, the consequence is that the cheese hardens and dries.

The best preservation system is aluminum foil or film (only the cut, since the rest of the cheese has to breathe) at a temperature not higher than 14ºC (ideal 6ºC-10ºC, e.g., the vegetable drawer in our fridge) and with a humidity between 70 and 80 percent. It is recommended to turn the cheese every 8 or 10 days.

It is very important to appreciate all the qualities of each cheese - take it out of the fridge and unwrap it 15 minutes before consumption so that at the time of consumption it is at room temperature.

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