Brie Couronne with Black Pepper


This delicious cheese adds a savory dash of pepper to the deliciously buttery and creamy taste of brie.

This is not a middle of the road Brie but a French – rich tasting, double cream Brie with a creamy texture, a slight mushroom note and a zesty peppery touch.

Flavored with pepper which distinguishes it from an ordinary French Brie, bringing a little spice to an otherwise ordinary cheese platter.

Brie Couronne is a French double-cream cheese. Made from grade A, ultra-filtrated milk and retains the same consistent quality throughout the year.

This Brie is a natural product, manufactured from cows milk. No artificial flavors or coloring, no gluten so great shelf life.

Milk Cow
Texture Semi-Soft
Country France
Fat 60%

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