Chives Freeze-Dried

Chives Freeze-Dried

Chives have a delicate, onion-like flavor and as they are freeze-dried, reconstitute when added to dishes such as scrambled eggs, omelets, mashed potato and sauces.

Herbie's Freeze-Dried Chives retain the flavor and color of fresh chives, with a much longer shelf life. The freeze-drying process has advanced to a level where fresh flavor, texture and color are superb.

While chives may grow freely during warm summers, these fancy chives are wonderful to have at your fingertips all year round.


Usage Suggestions

Chives are the smallest species of the onion family.  They look attractive as they are bright green and make an excellent substitute for onion in dishes when only a mild onion taste is required. 

Chives blend in with almost any dish, and the bright color will certainly add to the presentation. Add them to virtually any type of salad, soup, sauce, twice baked or au gratin potatoes, omelets, or fish.

Health Benefits

Chives are a low calorie vegetable of the allium family and offer a good amount of antioxidant vitamins A and C. They are also a good source of Vitamin K, which is necessary for calcium absorption. Chives also contain calcium, important for a strong skeletal structure.

Other Common Names

Onion Chives, Rush Leek. 

Fresh, natural, pure herbs and spices blended and packed in Australia from imported and local ingredients then flown directly to our California Epicurean Kitchen.

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Botanical Name(Allium schoenoprasum)