Chipotle Honey Chevre

Chipotle Honey Chevre

Chipotle Honey Chèvre ~ Goat Cheese mixed with honey and chipotle peppers to create a delightful blend of sweet and smoky with a spicy burst.

Flavor Profile

Chipotle honey chevre. A little smoky, a little sweet, a lot delicious - it tastes very sweet but spicy at the same time.

Wine Pairings

Usage Suggestions

This Chèvre is fresh but sturdy in flavor allowing the added flavors to shine but not at the cost of losing its grassy, milky flavor.

Chèvre spreads beautiful on a cracker, shines on a sandwich.

Chèvre is to die for baked into a cozy casserole

Crumble Chèvre into a salad.

Chèvre is perfect on a warm bagel.

Chèvre is spreadable so you can just eat it for breakfast on a nice roll or croissant.

Chèvre tart served with salad.

Chèvre combined with a frittata for a perfect breakfast or brunch dish.


In 1990, Amy Wend and a partner set out to create a unique facility in the Napa Valley. They began by cultivating extensive organic gardens and selling the fresh produce at local farmers’ markets. With the help of her herd master, Amy began acquiring a small herd of goats, one of whom was Emily, who is featured on our cheese labels. This fledgling company was christened Skyhill Napa Valley Farms and, in 1991, the first fresh goat cheese was sold alongside the organic produce.

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