One of the most popular cheeses in France, produced by the Fromageries des Chaumes, one of the most famous and largest cheesemakers. The soft rind is bright tangerine-orange and the interior is smooth, supple and quite rubbery. The nutty, almost meaty taste and aroma are mild.

Chaumes is a soft cheese made in the southwest of France in the village of St Antoine, at the foothills of the French Pyrénées. The washed rind and soft-ripened cheese is made using ancestral methods with pasteurized cow's milk.

The name French word Chaumes literally translates to ‘stubble’. Based on the Trappist style of making cheeses, Chaumes has got an aromatic soft golden rind and a pale yellow, creamy paste.

The smooth, supple and rather springy texture is complemented by the rich, intense and full bodied flavour of the cheese. Its taste can be described as complex, leaving behind a smooth and hazel-nutty aftertaste.

The aging (affinage) takes four weeks.

Chaumes is a favorite addition to children’s snacks and tastes tantalizing when grilled or served with crusty breads.