Chantilly Chardonnay 2014

Chantilly Chardonnay 2014

Chantilly Musqué Clone 809 Chardonnay combines the fragrant aroma of Muscat with the provocative texture of Chardonnay.

Aromatic, floral, musky yet with the citrus freshness you might look for in a French white Burgundy made in an Australian style from California fruit.

Tasting Notes

Are we in Chablis? The purity of its aroma and taste of this wine would have you believe that it is a cool climate Chardonnay showing a little more acidity and less fruity flavors than Chardonnay wines grown in warmer climates like Dry Creek Valley.

This is a distinctive chardonnay, a prime example of the concept that good wine tells us much about its place of origin and this one points to a specific sort of mineral and clay quality.

Enjoyed over dinner as the wine warms it will evolve showing a series of flavor vignettes from apple through seaside aromas to salt; thrillingly alive with underlying subtle fruit flavors.

This Chablis style wine will work with Coquilles St-Jacques; smoked salmon; gougères (cheese-puffs); ham in a creamy sweet and sour sauce; truffle-salt butter; sushi; guacamole; chicken risotto with soy sauce; you can enjoy it with fish, foie gras, poultry, pork, cheeses, shellfish, whatever.

Production Notes

The 13.6 tons of fruit picked finished up as 1,230 gal producing only 444 cases of Chantilly 2014

Winemaker Notes

Easy to work with the Clone 809 fruit from our second Chardonnay vineyard in Dry Creek Valley came in on time and for the third year in a row the fruit quality was excellent. Fermented in the traditional French method of 'sur lees" with "battonage" the wine came through like a delightful French Chablis.

Cooperage Notes

French oak in Chablis style accentuating the positive benefits of allowing limited oxygenation with the wine through the permeable oak barrels. This softens the wine to make the generally austere and acidic Chablis more approachable at a younger age.

StyleWhite Burgundy
AppellationDry Creek Valley
PairingStilton Cheese with Mango & Ginger
Drinkable2015 - 2018
Harvest Date2014-09-06
Harvest Brix26°
ph Level3.41
Residual Sugar0.3