Champignon Mushroom Brie

Champignon Mushroom Brie

Champignon Mushroom Brie cheese is a soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese that has similarities with a French Brie with a mild mushroom flavor.

Champignon, which means “mushroom” in German, is a luscious double crème with mushrooms added. The mild mushroom flavor comes from quality champignons harvested at the peak of their season to add just the right earthiness to this sublime soft cheese.

Champignon Mushroom Brie tastes mild and develops a fine spicy aroma with increasing maturity. A pure delight, its delicate consistency melts on the palate like a creamy mushroom pâté, a perfect pairing for our Williamson Amourette Chardonnay.

Featured in February 2012 Cheese Club paired with Williamson Amourette CHARDONNAY.

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order