Cardamom Pods Brown Chinese

Cardamom Pods Brown Chinese

Chinese brown cardamom pods are dark brown in color and are oval pods about 2.5cm long.

The aroma is camphor-like and quite different to the better known green cardamom.

Use in Chinese dishes and when making a home made master stock, hearty meat stews and similar dishes.

NOTE: This is not interchangeable with green cardamom in recipes. 

Health Benefits

Related to ginger, cardamom serves to enhance digestion and soothe digestive discomforts. Cardamom is naturally detoxifying, assisting the kidneys in waste removal, and serving as a diuretic, eliminating impurities burdening the eliminatory organs. Cardamom is a natural means of improving oral health and can help to both freshen breath and health ulcers.

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Botanical Name(Amomum globosum)