This beautiful cheese from Caseificio La Via Lattea is a show stopper.

A goat's milk cheese made from raw milk that has a semi firm but creamy, ivory paste. The thin rind is coated with dried chamomile which imparts a lovely, delicate taste while not overpowering the tanginess of the goats' milk.

For Camilla the cheesemaker adds a small percentage of cow's cream to the goat's milk, just to give it a little more lushness. Nevertheless, the interior remains almost chalk white, a characteristic of cheeses made from goat's milk.

The soft, velvety rind is wrinkled on the sides - a feature that cheese people describe as "brainy" - but it clings to the interior, as it should.

The soft and creamy Camilla has cultured-milk and subtle mushroom aromas, with a lactic, cream cheese tang. It is luscious and tongue coating, without the dense stickiness that some young goat cheeses exhibit.

This cheese is perfect for the Enchant Trinity we paired for the December 2017 Cheese Club. This