Cacio e fichi aged Pecorino

Cacio e fichi aged Pecorino

This cheese is made in an artisan cheese-factory in Tuscany using an innovative recipe. The traditional skill of the cheese-maker is combined to the new yet old fruit flavour that was traditionally eaten with bread and cheese in the old days. 

The flavor and aroma are slightly fruity but not sweet and do not saturate the palate but require an extra bite to fully appreciate the flavor.  

This new recipe is now turning into a tradition. The cheese is aged in cylindrical shapes of about 1.2 kg each, the crust is light brown. The cheese contains pasteurized sheep's milk, fig juice freeze-dried (2.4%), salt, rennet, enzymes, flavorings. The surface is treated with linseed oil and raw beeswax producing an inedible rind.

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order