Bushman's Pepper Pot

Bushman's Pepper Pot

A peppery, crunchy blend of coarsely ground spices that enhances the flavour of all meats and vegetables.


Bushman’s Pepperpot can be used to give simple flavored proteins a unique flavor. All you have to do is season your choice of protein liberally with Bushman’s Pepperpot to enhance recipes such as: Pepper crusted tilapia, broiled pork chops, or something as simple as grilled chicken breasts.

Sprinkle onto steaks before barbecuing.

Crust meats with Bushman's Pepper Pot prior to roasting and even sprinkle it over tomato sandwiches instead of salt and pepper. You can simply use it in place of salt and pepper in any recipe.

Contains:  Black & White Peppercorns, Mustard Seeds, Sea Salt, Coriander Seeds, Lemon Myrtle.