Bucheron is a pasteurized chevre (goat cheese) aged about 5-10 weeks and produced in little log-like rolls.

Bucheron has an ivory-colored pate surrounded by a bloomy white rind with an inner core of soft, tart white goat cheese.

Soft, but semi-firm in texture, this cheese when young provides a somewhat mild flavor that becomes sharper as it matures.

With age its texture becomes drier, the mouthfeel of the center is dense with the crumb dissolving on the tongue, while the section near the rind is almost creamy and can be gooey at room temperature.

The outer ring is a soft greyish color, very smooth and very salty, finished by a tender rind that is best left on and eaten, to provide a little extra texture. Best eaten in wedges, to combine all three zones of this cheese which will never disappoint.

It is an excellent cheese for salads or for snacking with hearty grained breads, crackers and grapes and pairs well with our Elate Grange Cuvée red wine.

Milk Goat
Texture Semi-Soft
Country France