Beehive - Big John's Cajun

Beehive - Big John's Cajun

This spicy hand-rubbed cheese packs a heated punch as you near the rind.

Made from the milk of local Jersey cows from our favorite creamery in Northern Utah, the combination of sweet creaminess and spice make it a great addition to any cheese plate.

The spice is right! The Cajun rub was developed by Ogden, UT chef John Dearmin using only the finest ingredients.

Unlike typical Cajun rub, Big John uses cayenne pepper instead of paprika.

Sorry, the rest of the recipe is top secret. The spiciness of the rub is a nice compliment to the creamy texture of the cheese. Watch out, this cheese packs a heated punch as you near the rind.

Paired with our 2010 Heritage Shiraz, this cheese also works well incorporated with other foods such as chutney, preserves, shaved on a salad or melted over a burger with avocado. Especially good when combined with our Smokey Onion Mustard

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order