This bold, piquant hard cheese from Austria will tempt you with its hearty Italian style but a bigger taste.

Once Asmonte has fully ripened, its bold, piquant aroma is reminiscent of Italian hard cheese, with a fuller taste and, thanks to careful processing, the texture is finer and more delicate than its Italian counterpart.

It has an ivory-colored texture with fine, sieve-like eyes and individual round eyes. Asmonte has a relatively solid to crumbly consistency when it is fully matured.

Asmonte is excellently suited for cooking: For au gratin dishes (fast melting), raclettes, for tasty fondue variations, for seasoning and refining soups and sauces, for any type of delicious cheese recipes, as well as finessing main courses.

Asmonte is wonderful grated or shredded, for example sprinkled on pasta, rice, pizza and vegetable dishes, and it is also perfect for preparing tasty salads.

Asmonte can be cut easily with a Parmesan knife. The small pieces are perfect as an accompaniment to aperitifs, and are also tasty as a dessert cheese, or between meals.

History - This strong, spicy hard cheese from the house of Schärdinger Affineur appeals with its hearty Italian style. In order to produce 1 kg of Schärdinger Affineur Asmonte, 12 litres of the best Austrian milk are processed in Voitsberg, Styria. During its 8-month maturation period, Asmonte is regularly treated with linseed oil, allowing its smooth body to develop. The special maturation conditions and particular care allow Asmonte to develop its unique flavor and firm, crumbling consistency.

A great cheese to pair with one of our Meritage Bordeaux Blends like Ravish Melange.