Ajowan Seed (whole)

Carum ajowan


Ajowan seed is also known as Ajwain seed and Carom.

These seeds are used in Asian cooking, breads, biscuits, savory pastries, and in bean dishes. Ajowan has a distinct 'thyme-like' flavor. 

Add to vegetable curries, steamed cabbage, carrots, potato and pumpkin. Use in slow-cooked dishes when the flavor of thyme and a slight peppery spiciness is wanted. Delicious in savory biscuits and pastries. 

Nutritional Information

Ajowan seeds are commonly used to ease and speed the digestive process. It is also considered a powerful anti-inflammatory wih antiseptic and antibacterial properties. A common practice is to boil 1 tbsp of the seeds in one cup of water for several minutes until liquid has been reduced to half and then strain, and drink.

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Common Names

Other Common Names: Ajwain, Bishop's Weed, Carum Seed.