Pecorino Peposo

Pecorino Peposo

This cheese is made in an artisan dairy in Tuscany and is later aged in Canti premises for at least 45 days. Its texture remains creamy even after the ageing period and makes a perfect match with the intense flavor of the black pepper, which was added directly to the curd.

Peposo is particularly appealing to all people who appreciate marked and full flavors, as it leaves the palate satisfied but not dry. Its rind is brown or light brown.

This semi-hard sheep's milk cheese has black peppercorns added during the cheese-making process, which infuse the whole wheel with peppery goodness.

The result is a delicious nutty and flavorful cheese that will leave you feeling satisfied, without too much spice! This Italian Cheese pairs wonderfully with our Entice Cuvée and a plate of salami and olives.