Blu di Bufala


Handcrafted from the milk of mighty and adorable water buffalo, milk that boasts twice the butterfat of cow’s milk, thus twice the richness.

This cubical tome garners a lot of attention with its pasteurized Lombardian water buffalo milk.

Each smooth pasted square benefits from weeks in subterranean caves where punchy bluing mellows to buttery perfection that keeps us all coming back for more.

It is rare to find an aged buffalo milk cheese, and this one is distinctive and full bodied. Its flavor is a balance of sweetness and spice with a slight tang in the lingering finish.

The rich, sweet flavor of the buffalo’s milk cuts the astringency of the blue mold, making for a balanced, fudgy blue that is mildly gamey. In 2017, it won Super Gold and Best Italian Cheese at the World Cheese Awards.

If you're hosting some blue-novices, never fear; this blue isn't too strong, and is balanced mix of buttery nuttiness and tanginess. A little sweetness goes a long way with this buffalo blue.

Store between 40°F to 45°F

Bruno and his brother Alfio of Quattro Portoni decided to raise water buffalo in 2000 and moved onto making cheese in 2006. Their farm is in Cologno al Serio, outside of Bergamo, Italy.

A semi-firm, cube-shaped cheese, Blu di Bufala is unique and beautiful. It is rare to find an aged buffalo milk cheese, and this one is distinctive and full bodied.

A raw curd blue-veined buffalo cheese having the characteristic parallelepiped shape. It is produced using pasteurized buffalo milk only.

The rind is dry and wrinkly with an amber grey color.

The paste, which tends to be creamy and pale yellow, has varyingly spread blue veins, and some irregular cavities. The texture of the paste ranges from creamy to crumbly with a light cream color and blue veins spread throughout.

It has an intense aroma of mature milk and mold. As the cheese ages over time, hints of woodland undergrowth and mushroom develop.

The flavor is intense and persistent, which is almost always sweetened by the fatty sensations typical of buffalo milk.

It is aged for at least 90 days, but reaches maximum sensory levels of satisfaction with 6-month ageing.

Texture Semi-Firm
Country Italy
Pronunciation BLUE dee BU-fah-lah