Flight Tastings

A Tasting Flight describes a tasting of a selection of wines related to one another by grape varietal, geographic region or style. A tasting flight may be referred to as vertical, horizontal or regional, for example:

  • In a Vertical tasting, different vintages of the same wine type from the same winery are tasted to emphasize differences between vintages.
  • In a Horizontal tasting, the wines are all from the same vintage but are from different wineries which emphasizes differences in wine-making styles.
  • In a Regional tasting, the wines are representative of a particular region which emphasizes the types of wines that region is capable of producing.

Old-world wine practices of France, Spain and Italy require grape varieties to be grown in particular regions while new-world wine practices of Australia and California permit varietals to be grown anywhere a mad vintner thinks they will flourish.

In the end the new-world has learned that the hard won old-world knowledge was accurate so now in California we find Burgundy varietals tend to be grown in Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast and the Central Coast; Bordeaux varietals in Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley and Napa Valley and Rhone varietals in the more rugged, Rhone-like aspects of all of these areas.

Our Flight Tasting Experience allows you to choose either a selection of our Burgundy, Bordeaux or Rhone style wines each paired with an appropriate appetizer size dish.

Making a Reservation

To reserve your Flight Tasting Session simply call or email us:

Let us know which wine style you would like to taste. Your choices are Burgundy, Bordeaux or Rhone and will include our selection of five of that region from the following wines:

  • Burgundy

    • Chardonnay - Amourette
    • Chardonnay - Chantilly
    • Pinot Rose - Adore
    • Pinot Noir - Passion
    • Pinot Noir - Rapture
  • Bordeaux

    • Sauvignon Blanc - Joy
    • Cuvee Blanc - Caress
    • Merlot - Amour
    • Cabernet Franc - Sultry
    • Petit Verdot - Perky
    • Malbec - Tango
    • Cabernet Sauvignon - Seduce
    • Cabernet Sauvignon - Inspire
  • Rhone

    • Roussanne - Relish
    • Viognier - Frolic
    • Grenache - Embrace
    • Shiraz - Heritage
    • Grange Cuvee - Elate
    • Trinity (GSM) - Enchant

Please be sure to bring a fresh, receptive palate in order to make your experience as pleasurable as possible.

Let us know if any of your party have special food needs, allergies, vegan, vegetarian, or a preference against any particular food groups so our chefs can create appropriate dishes to accompany your tasting.

You will be asked for your credit card details to secure your reservation time.