Ravish Mélange

I really wanted to make my own version of Pétrus or Le Pin and since I make a multi-gold medal winning Merlot from the Pétrus Clone 181 and a multi-gold medal winning Cabernet Sauvignon - why not use these to make a Pomerol style wine? - So I did and I hope you will enjoy it . . . Bill Williamson


Pétrus, along with its neighbor Le Pin, represent two of the world's most exciting, revered and expensive red wines. Both are Right Bank Bordeaux blends from the appellation Pomerol. Bill has never forgotten the thrill of his first bottle of Château Le Pin, enjoyed with Chef Max in the cellar under a Sydney restaurant.

Ravish Mélange ®

The blended nature of this wine does not qualify for a specific varietal name on the label; it can only be labeled "red wine" which is why American winemakers came up with the name "Meritage", (merit + heritage) for American Bordeaux-style blended wines. Since Ravish is specifically focused on Petrus and Le Pin we wanted to differentiate from ordinary meritage wines so we decided to use the word Mélange, a French term for a mixture, hence Ravish Mélange is Bills tribute to the two greatest wines of Pomerol.

Ravish Taste Characteristics

Ravish is an exotic Bordeaux-style wine of medium to dark purple color. The nose is concentrated with ripe fruit, opulent, almost overripe black cherry and plum leaving a ghostly vapor that seems to linger. The decadent, full mouth feel is a treat of concentrated flavors like cherry, cranberry and spicy raspberry while still keeping its alcohol, tannins and acidity nicely in check, finishing with hints of soft caramel coffee or chocolate as a finale.

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Ravish History Snapshot


2007 Ravish . . . GOLD MEDAL ~ SF Chronicle

2009 Ravish . . . Sold Out - Did not Enter

2010 Ravish . . . Sold Out - Did not Enter

2012 Ravish . . . Sold Out - Did not Enter

2013 Ravish . . . SILVER MEDALS ~ SF Chronicle + Sonoma


2014 Ravish . . . Reserve Wine