Library Wines

Each time a cork is pulled and a bottle consumed there is one less bottle in existence, consequently both the rarity status and price are bound to rise and so ultimately, the value of old and rare wines comes down to supply and demand.

Many of our wines have won gold medals. They represent a unique combination of place and vintage which can never be reproduced in the same way. We know they would taste even better if allowed to age a few more years after their initial release.

Our Library Wines are a small quantity of our finest wines that we are allowing to age gracefully. Safely stored in our temperature-controlled, wine-friendly warehouse, they are available to our Wine Club members.

Library Wine Prices

Normally the price of Library Wines reflects their age, quality, rarity and provenance. Throughout the wine industry prices of aged wines are set by auction houses based on "whatever the market will pay" however we wanted a simple, fair way to reflect their true cost since we only provide these wines to our Wine Club Members.

Once a new vintage of our wine is released the price of the previous years vintage is incremented by $10 which reflects one year of our storage costs. Library wine prices are updated in December each year. Wine Club Members can continue to purchase their favorite Library Wines with their club discounts as long as supplies last.
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The term “Library Wine” refers to an older vintage recommended to be kept or cellar aged for some time before drinking. Every one of our wines has a "Drinkable" date range published which we consider to be its optimum drinking window.