Event Coordinator

Creating unique moments that inspire!

Williamson Wines maintains a full-service creative event production organization based in the beautiful and eclectic city of Healdsburg, California.

We maintain an highly talented team with the creative capacity to design and execute an unforgettable experience.

We plan parties, dinners, meet and greet and other social events for individuals, groups of friends, corporate groups, etc., celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, successes in business and milestones in life.

Every single event makes our lives and those of our colleagues, bright and beautiful.

Event Coordinator Duties

Our Event Coordinator is responsible for overseeing particular event-oriented tasks beginning with the event planning process and continuing throughout the event itself until successful completion. The main duties of this position include:
  • Our customer engagement team signs an event agreement with a customer and schedules the event by reserving one of our multiple event venue locations in our event calendar.
  • Our event manager will work with you to develop a schedule for the event from which point you will be responsible for bringing together all of the components to produce a successful event.
  • You will meet with other Williamson teams in marketing, media, hospitality and culinary services to ensure all our in-house teams are providing their required support for the up-coming event, for example:
    • Media team will produce event promotional materials, invitations and menus.
    • Customer engagement team works with customers who will attend the event.
    • Culinary services team will confirm menus, courses and serving portions.
    • Hospitality team will confirm the wines to be served and the wait staff.
    • Our partnership team will help with visitor guest lodging.
    • Our staff photographer can capture event moments via image, video and drone.
  • Coordinate with third-party vendors to provide any rental equipment and supplies required for the event as well as receive, supervise the installation and the return of rental equipment.
  • Order event supplies and attend marketing meetings prior to events.
  • Coordinate design and set up rooms and tables for events.
  • Perform walk through for on-site and off-site events.
  • Update and distribute floor plans and seating arrangements for events.
  • Provide input and feedback to assist with staffing requirements at events.
  • Meet and greet guests at the event registration.
  • Plan for potential scenarios that could impact the event, such as weather, etc.
  • Facilitate event recap to develop improvements for subsequent events
A successful candidate will have a proven track record of delivering flawless hospitality experiences, will be well spoken demonstrating social skills such as empathy, cooperative approach, listening skills, good verbal and written communication skills and a positive attitude.

This is a full-time position requiring the Event Coordinator to work most weekend days with two week days off.