Indulge Cabernet Sauvignon

We already make two multi-gold medal winning Cabernet Sauvignon - wouldn't a third simply be an indulgence?- well - anything worth doing is worth overdoing”

Indulge ®

Indulge is largely our Estate Vineyard fruit from Dry Creek Valley blended with a small quantity of mountain Cabernet Sauvignon fruit.

In our hillside Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards late deficit irrigation produces small berries with intense dark fruit flavors. By contrast early deficit irrigation practiced in our Estate Cabernet Vineyard produces more lush and ripe fruit harvested later in the season.

Each vineyard lot is picked at optimal ripeness and made into a standalone wine then Bill creates a blend to indulge his pallet for fine wine with character and flavor.

We treat each vineyard lot and clone of these Cabernet vineyards separately, making beautiful stand-alone Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Then blending them under Bill's palate direction produces exceptional wines focused on the flavor combination of the wine.

Indulge is a limited production wine and is only made in years where the harvest is both plentiful and of particularly high quality. Click on the particular wine to review our Indulge Cabernet Sauvignon.

About Indulge

In contrast to our Inspire Cabernet which is predominately Napa fruit Indulge is predominately Sonoma fruit. The slight variances in climate, soil, etc., or more specifically terroir, produce a softer more mouth-filling wine but maintains the typical Cabernet flavor characteristics.

The sense of place exhibited by Indulge is that of Dry Creek Valley, a dense concentration of valley floor, benchland and hillside vineyards. The valley was created by the uplift and subsidence along ancient earthquake faults and the deposit of alluvial material. This soil deposited over thousands of years on the valley floor is primarily gravelly and sandy loam – deep, well drained and fertile dirt that produces good crops of flavorful grapes. The soil on the surrounding benches and hills is composed of gravelly clay loam, often strikingly red in color. This very rocky soil drains exceptionally well, helping to stress the vines late in the growing season, concentrating varietal character. Indulge is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon from both valley floor and bench land vineyards.

Dry Creek Valley is ideally situated for winegrapes, bordered by Lake Sonoma in the North and the confluence of Dry Creek and the Russian River to the south, the valley is classified as a Region II climate for grape growing, similar to Bordeaux region in France. Dry Creek Valley experiences both coastal and inland influences, with the nearby coastal mountain range keeping cool marine temperatures at bay, allowing for daily temperatures in the mid-80’s, July-September and providing a conduit for the coastal cold air and fog to come in at night, dramatically dropping temperatures. These long, warm days allow the fruit to fully ripen, while coastal cooling in the evening enables the grapes to mature slowly and retain their acidity and balance - perfect growing conditions for Bordeaux and Rhone varietals.

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Indulge History Snapshot


2008 Indulge . . . Did not Enter - Sold Out

2009 Indulge . . . GOLD MEDAL ~ Sonoma

2012 Indulge . . . GOLD MEDAL ~ Sonoma

2013 Indulge . . . BRONZE MEDAL ~ SF Chronicle


2014 Indulge. . . Icon Wine