Icon Wines

An Icon is an enduring symbol representing an object of great value so we use this to categorize our Reserve wines.

Good wines are great to share with friends but just occasionally you find a wine that makes you think "I'm going to drink this all alone" or at least with a friend who appreciates fine wine. "A bottle of wine can be good company." This is what our Icon program is all about.

Our Icon Wines are small production, exquisite, collectible wines made from the best fruit available, using the most painstaking wine making methodology, aging in the best barrels often for extended periods of micro-oxygenation, paying attention to detail, without any cost considerations.

Produced in smaller quantities and at higher production costs, Icon wines are not automatically included in Wine Club shipments but Members may order them and their membership discount level applies to all but a few.

To use an automotive analgy, the cars of Mercedes-Benz or BMW might be considered their legacy models while their AMG or M Series might be considered their Icons

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