Vineyard Weed Control

Competition from weed or cover crop growth has a substantial effect on vine growth, fruit yield and quality.

Our vineyard rows are typically seven feet in width with plants four feet apart. Minimizing weed competition under the vines is critical to successful vine growth and development.

Weed management usually takes place in the Spring season when the vines are still dormant and have no leaves. For weed control we use mechanical implements such as rotary disks rather than use herbicide products.

Rotary Weed Control 1

The result is that effective mechanical weed control is financially viable and worthy of the investment.

Herbicides are not used in the rows because we grow cover crops to be returned to the soil providing natural nutrients and nitrogen, while helping control over-vigorous vine growth.

If a problem ever would occur, rather than use a commercial herbicide we would try an organic method such as a mixture of 5% agricultural vinegar (acetic acid) and dish soap.

Remember, our family drinks the wine and water from our vineyards way more than anyone else - we will do everything we can to keep it pure and natural!