Event Agreement

Menu, Food & Wine Quantities

We will jointly determine the menu and wines to be served. The food items will be created by our culinary services staff and paired with each of the wines being served. You may provide a list of guests with various food allergies or preferences, such as vegetarian and we will endeavor to adjust the food to suit these special guest preferences.

We will prepare food quantities based on the final number of guests advised by you plus an “overage” amount. Part of this overage is to include a meal for the staff and to make up for guests who consume extra. You will not be charged for this service however there is no provision for take-out boxes, etc.

Event Time Line and Deposit

An event takes place on a date and time specified by you. We create a planning timeline culminating at the event time to ensure all facilities are booked for the event. To secure the event a deposit of 50% of the expected price is required when the event is booked to confirm the event date and time.

Changes & Cancellation

You may change the number of guests up to the “release date” (two weeks prior to the event date) at which time billing occurs for the outstanding balance of the event. You may cancel an event at any time. If cancelled more than 90 days before the event date then a 100% refund will apply; if between 90 days and 15 days, a 50% refund (of the 50% deposit, so in reality 25% of the event quote); or if after the release date, i.e., less than 15 days, then no refund will apply. We may cancel an event at any time without liability, in which case a 100% refund will apply.


The price includes use of our facilities; table settings; stemware, etc.; wait staff; food and wines and a wine educator. Where appropriate, the winemaker, or other members of the Williamson family or the chef, may make an appearance to discuss the food or wine with guests.

Displays and Signage

Nothing will be fixed to any part of the building, other than that which has previously been agreed and our staff will manage any such signage. You accept responsibility for the cost of set-up and break-down of any approved signage, demonstration equipment and the like and agree to be financially responsible for any damage sustained to the event property and its contents whether owned by us or in our care and to hold us harmless for such damage.


You accept responsibility to have guests arrive and leave the event at the scheduled times. If guests remain longer than thirty minutes after the scheduled end time you agree to pay a surcharge equal to $10 per additional hour, or part thereof, for each of the total number of guests attending the event.

Outside Food or Beverages or Other Substances

No outside food or beverage or any controlled or unlawful substances of any kind may be used at the event by you or any of your guests. You agree to comply with all the laws of the United States, the State of California, municipal ordinances and all lawful orders of police and fire departments, and you will not do anything on the premises in violation of any such laws. If any of our staff members become aware that unlawful activities are occurring on the premises, they are required by law to cease all service and immediately terminate the event.

Guest Conduct & Client Legal Responsibilities

You guarantee that all guests are over 21 years of age and accept full responsibility for the conduct of guests and parties hired to provide services not provided by us, for example, personal limo drivers or personal security staff. Our staff members have the right and responsibility to refuse further alcohol service to any guest who is obviously intoxicated.

  • In California, a person who sells, furnishes, gives, or causes to be sold an alcoholic beverage to any obviously intoxicated person is guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • A customer is obviously intoxicated when an average person can plainly observe the usual signs such as staggering, alcoholic breath, dilated pupils of the eyes, slurred speech, poor muscular coordination, loud or aggressive behavior, etc. (section 25602)

In the event individual guests are identified as obviously intoxicated, you will advise the guest that they can no longer be served alcohol. Should the event be interrupted for any reason, for example, belligerent or abusive behavior from or among guests, our staff will advise you and you are required restore order. If you are unable to restore order in a reasonable time or if law enforcement, fire or paramedic units are called then our staff will cease service, advise guests of the situation and request they leave the premises immediately.

We will control the music duration and noise level of the band as well as breaks and the provision of the band meal as stipulated in the Musicians Award.


You agree to provide a valid credit card and authorize us to retain the card details and charge all payments required under this agreement to that credit card.

The Usual Legal Stuff

You agree that the content of this agreement is governed by the laws of the state of California and contains the entire agreement. There are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement and this agreement supersedes any prior representations of any kind. This agreement does not establish a partnership or joint venture between the parties. This agreement may not be amended or modified except by written documents signed by all parties or confirmed emails between the parties, which then become exhibits attached hereto and part hereof. Where provisions within this agreement appear to be in conflict with provisions contained in exhibits the provisions contained in the exhibits shall prevail. Required written notices and any communication involving this event or agreement should be confirmed via email.

Client Acceptance

By scheduling an event and authorizing the payment of a deposit you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions expressed in this agreement.

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