Employee Benefits & Conditions

Our customers appreciate dealing with happy, knowledgeable people so we provide an attractive set of benefits that encourage and assist our employees to do a stellar job.


  • Our facilities are modern, air-conditioned and located in safe areas.
  • On-premise employee car parking is provided.
  • Most positions are full -time, 8 hours per day five days each week.
  • All staff receive two ten-minute breaks and a thirty-minute lunch break every day.
  • Pay is directly deposited into employees bank accounts every two weeks.
  • New employees receive initial off-site classroom training
  • Weekly staff meetings provide employee participation in the business.
  • All employees receive regular performance reviews.
  • Tasting Room staff receive tips and gratuities via the POS system.
  • Qualified employees may elect to have Kaiser medical coverage.
  • Operating guidelines are published on the employee web site.
  • Employees receive a minimum 3% of salary bonus annually after qualifying.
  • Ability to make pre-tax savings investments in a managed 401(k) retirement plan.
  • Regular training covers products, customers and job updates.
  • Non-discriminatory hiring and advancement practices are observed.
  • On-Line Policy & Procedures Manuals maintain your rights as a California employee.

General Employee Requirements

We observe non-discriminatory hiring practices and require all applicants to be of good character with a solid background of experience in their particular job function. Generally positions are full-time, with above-average compensation, medical plan and employer contributed 401(k) plan after qualifying period.

Legally Qualified to Work

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or have a current work visa with a valid SSN; must hold a current California driver’s license and be free of DUI or drug-related or criminal charges for at least ten years.

Normal Human Mobility

All employees are required to meet and continually maintain an acceptable level of human physical requirements which include:

  • ability to follow reasonably complex directions
  • ability to effectively communicate with co-workers and customers
  • accurate and clear vision and hearing
  • ability to work in standing position for extended periods of time
  • ability to repeatedly stoop, lift and carry at least 50 lbs.
  • possess sufficient digital dexterity to skillfully utilize a computer keyboard
  • ability to stand; walk; sit; use tools or controls; reach with hands and arms; climb stairs; balance; talk; hear; taste and smell

Lifestyle & Personal Health

Our business and therefore our employees represent a lifestyle involving the enjoyment of food and wine in conjunction with a happy, family and friends environment.

Personal Grooming

Our employees are required to maintain a neat, clean appearance which includes personal grooming and freshly washed and pressed business casual attire.

Alcohol Warning

Our products contain alcohol. Opening and tasting them is a normal everyday employee practice. We require employees to ensure that their judgement and performance at work are never impaired by alcohol so we do not tolerate unauthorized alcohol consumption in the workplace. Employees may however purchase our products at a discount for their own off-premise use out of work hours. If you have a problem abstaining from alcohol then perhaps a winery is the wrong place for you to work.

Smoking & Vaping

Smoking is banned in all enclosed workplaces in California, including bars, restaurants and tasting rooms. Consequently, smoking of cigarettes e-cigarettes, vape bars, tobacco-less cigarettes, pot and similar products within 20 feet of our bonded property boundary is a violation of California law. Consequently our tasting room is a non-smoking work environment.

Employees working in the tasting room are asked to not smoke during a work day and to be free from any aroma that may be associated with smoking. No heavily scented perfumes, hand lotions, or hair products are allowed as they can interfere with aroma and the tasting of wines.