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15th Aug 2012 @ 02:36 by Bill

This morning we received this note and it just brightened our whole day so I felt we should share it with you all. Sometimes we forget just how blessed we are to be living in or visiting wine country and Barbara's note just brings us back to that simple reality. Thank you Barbara for sharing your memories and such kind words.

Good Morning Bill and Dawn,

Just a note to say that I am enjoying your book so much. It hit an emotional space in my heart that I must tell you about.

I came here from Los Altos in 1990 to build my dream ranch in West County, traveling all over the world with my business putting on conferences for the utility industry.

I was living a good life and when not traveling, I began the experience of trying a new winery each week or two to see just what the beautiful bounty tasted like in this heavenly place.

My neighbors were Iron Horse and Scherrer and I explored all Russian River Valley trying to find that perfect wine for my taste. It happened that I was driving in Dry Creek one day and discovered Pezzi King when they were in the old location. I immediately fell in love with their zin's and became a club member.

Their story of trying to keep PK small, the personal losses, their wine, and the small harvest dinners were my first attachment to such a beautiful thing. There was something about their wines that no other had in the late 1990's. Suzie's Merlot, 1997 Maple Zin, amazing wines.

Upon reading your book I found out why I loved that wine so much - it was Williamson grapes in that wine!! Isn't life grand. Time takes such crazy turns and when I fast forward to the present day, I am blessed to be here still, healthy and happy.

I tell people all the time about the extraordinary wines at Williamson and how they will go chasing this bottle of wine the rest of their lives. You two truly have a gift in creating such a divine wine.

See you soon
Kind Regards,