Winemaker Lunch Review

Steve, Lorrie, Brian and Maryann recently spent several days in Napa.

They are long-term friends and wine lovers who have traveled wine and food trails all over the world. Brian and Maryanne also own a wine and food related business in upstate New York.

After tasting many high-end wines in Napa they decided to spend a day in Sonoma, just to see how the other half of wine country was getting along.

Visiting a Williamson tasting room in downtown Healdsburg the visitors discovered appealing wines.

The initial tasting was intriguing so they stayed over an extra day to join Bill for lunch at the estate with several of his reserve wines.

Brian & Maryann

Steve & Lorrie's email that followed . . .

Hi Bill,

Quick note to thank you for an amazing afternoon of wine and epicurean delights!

Our visit with you today provided us the opportunity to meet the man behind behind the wine.

You have achieved the remarkable and what most vignerons would say impossible… in creating a wine that is everything a 1st growth Bordeaux represents. What makes it special to me is how approachable it is without years of cellaring to appreciate the expression of your terroir and purity of your wine making process.

Lunch Tasting wines with Steve T

I have several wine experiences throughout the US, France, and Italy… I can honestly tell you that you, your wine, and your team… are at that top of my list.

Tom’s food preparation was fabulous and the wines … sublime!! It was wonderful to see Joe and his professionalism at todays lunch tasting. He is so knowledgeable of your wines, your wine making process and your wine philosophy that we simply had to experience an afternoon with you.


I look forward to appreciating your wines as new wine club member, and visiting you again in the future.

Thanks again for being you!!

Live for today!

Best regards,

Steve & Lorrie

Brian & Maryann's email that followed . . .

Good evening Bill,

I wanted to take a moment to express mine and Maryann's heartfelt gratitude for having the opportunity to meet you this past Monday, and get to learn about you, and what makes you tick.

Our trip to the coast this spring is two fold. One to celebrate our 20th anniversary, and two, to explore and find new and different wines, to possibly go into our Wine Room.

Having tasted at the tasting room in Healdsburg, we were convinced we had found something special, but as I sat in the tasting room it became quite apparent the wine was only part of the show with Williamson Wines. What came to light very quickly was the passion for the food and wine pairing, the spices, and recipes that pair with your wines. This just wasn't anything ordinary from what we have experienced before.

Having the opportunity to meet you, talk with you and get to understand your passion, and desire to have the best experience one can have is something that we will take with us and remember forever.

Ranch Lunch Review

Joe and Tommy were magnificent, as well as the food and wines you picked for our luncheon. We love your passion, knowledge, and personality that makes Williamson Wines what it is. I personally cannot wait to go back to New York and talk to our patrons about our experience with you, and your incredible wines. It will certainly be an eye opener for them as much as it was for us.

We look forward to meeting you again in the future, and having the pleasure of sitting at Bill's table again.

Best regards,

Brian & Maryann